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This is not real

This is only a test to see if i can infact post from my phone and its opera browser

... I have not kidnapped him, but the word liberation comes to mind. I have saved him from the township he lives in. And I have moved him to my middle class income home.

Here he can enjoy a balanced, nutritious diet that consists of meats, vegetables, various starches and the occasional dessert. Compared to what he is use to, maize meal porridge and tinned fish or beef on very special occasions, I am sure he is pleased.

I have also shown him how the Satellite television work, to keep him company, as I am seldom there to have a conversation. I am sure its much better than sitting beside the fire night after night listening to his elders drone on about the village and the neighbour, who's goat got stolen, such a fuss over a silly goat. the thing was unhygienic and probably wasn't worth much.

I have given Patience all the creature comforts that I never really appreciated much. I would like to think he does, as when I took him from his two room shanty home, which he shared with his mother, grand mother and five younger siblings,he seemed to have enjoyed that, the little that he had. And I'm sure that they are relieved form having one less stomach to feed. That government grant is worth only so much.

The reason I took him was because It was not right for him to stay in that rural village. The place had only dirt roads which was barely in any conditions for the donkey drawn carts that used them. Also they did have running water, even though it meant that he had to do the running, with a wheelbarrow to the communal tap about two kilometers from his house, at least he was fit as he did this twice daily. Pit toilets was at the order of the day as the form of ablution. He also just recently got electricity at home, though it doesn't work, as the copper cable has been stolen again.

The thing I don't understand is that he is not happy here. He is appreciative of what I do for him, but not truly happy. We have everything we can want. Gadgets, entertainment, luxuries... what else can we need? Sure I haven't seen my parents in forever, I have been busy. And Any day now my brother will speak to me again.

I just wish That I could see that happiness on Patience's face again. The smile and love he had in his eyes that night I saw him at his house by the fire.

I have just returned from the moon where I had dinner at a lovely restaurant. the food was really good, though the atmosphere sucked. So I'm back at home and its midnight. I flip through the channels for a bit of late night viewing, and I get to MNET Action which is showing an adult film.

My reason for this is really pure, let me assure you, and the reason being? I'm working on a novel see, and its falling into place quite nicely. i have a few lead characters, some inter winding plots and even a surprise ending, and if that's not enough, i even have a prequel. (chapters will become available here as soon as I feel I'm getting somewhere.)

So now your thinking its one of those raunchy novels, well no, it will be a fact based, adventure thriller. and the reason for the smut TV you ask. Simple, and also the premise for this post. Story line. I have recently discovered that porn sometimes, have fairly good stories. Jip some poor creative writing student is trying to get exposure (bad wording?) so he can one day get published, and the perverted director sweeps down, rip the script apart and fill it with bad acting, incredibly unbelievable scenes and nookie. the writer isn't worried, he has all ready been paid, so what the hey.

I mean, the other evening there was this story about some archaeological dig that was taking place on two different continents. The story line would have been convincing if it wasn't for the one girl who decided to walk around the desert dig site with nothing on. Even though I myself have never been on a dig site before, I am sure that this is not standard practice. The other moment that drew my concern, was the fact that the girls-only group, digging in what I assumed was an Amazonian Rain Forest, Had a local female (loin cloths and tribal jewelery) as a messenger, not that strange you say, well, she to was topless, and probably spoke better English than any other character. OK so the script was weak, but the story line had potential.

The fact is, fast forward the fornication and try to follow the story, and you will find that with some work, these stories can actually be winners, who knows, maybe it has already happened.


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