Saving babies  

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So its Sunday night 19:30 and I am getting ready to watch The Dark Knight, when I hear this blood churning scream from the bath room. the wife is in there and I know she hates all that crawls or slithers.

before I go on : here in South Africa, we have something called, THE BUSHVELD!! and I live smack in the middle of it in a little thatch roof cottage among eight other cottages, so we get quite a few creepies. spiders, snakes, red romans, etc

I get to the bathroom and I see something fuzzy crawl in under neath some washing. I lift it up and find a baby bush baby. now this is not that strange to me, as we previously found one in the house as well. they are the cutest little things, and so trusting.

so my wife and I decide that we cant keep it, as it is a creature that belongs in the trees, and also, we have cats. so we take the little creature and show it to the other neighbours. while outside, I hear another bush baby calling, and I think its the mother, so I follow the calls as we have many trees about the place and it is dark. when I find the "mother" I also find its distress. one of the neighbourhood cats are in the tree. I grab the cat and chase it away but the "mother" is still calling so I place the baby on a branch and watch its silhouette thanks to some back light.

the "mother" comes down and investigate, and then leave. I wait for about five minutes but nothing happens. at this point my wife and I, are deciding whether to save the baby or not while I'm again chasing the cat. the next moment, my wife spots another baby on the ground under neath the tree, so I pick it up and place it next to the first baby. now I must press how amazing this is, as these creatures are usually very shy. but this mother is sitting within a few feet from me and also I have now handled not one but two babies already.

so as I watch the babies, the mother comes down and takes the second one in her mouth and goes up the tree, at this time, the first one starts climbing up the tree as well. so I'm moving around to track the mom and see her leaving to the left on the telephone wire, and as she leaves, another mother comes down into the tree, grabs the first baby and disappears up the tree onto the phone line and exits stage right
pursued be a bear.

this I think is not an every day experience, even for someone living in the bush, and I just thought I should share it.

PS: pardon the photos, I only had my phone with me at the time

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