When the shoe is on the other foot...  

Posted by Wonko

...Kick with it!

Hell yeah. I often frequent my local KFC drive thru, and I have more often then not had a problem with the service. Usually it is in the line of their debit card terminal is not online, and them only telling me this after I have ordered and having no cash on me. This results in one of two things.

1. I go into the branch, place a new order and pay electronicly inside, or..

2. I drive out and don't buy anything.

I ALMOST always complain, to such an extent that I now have the personal number of their regional manager on speed dial. But when I complain, it is always the same thing. '' sorry, it was a mistake''. Jip, no complamentary shake or pops, just sorry. Now because this is a regular problem, that Im sure many people experience, I have come to understand that when you give your order at the window, the only put it through to the kitchen, after you have paid.

So the other day, I again went there, with my wife and lucky for us, the drive thru was empty. Not good lucky, bad lucky.. We were struggling to get hold of her brother, to take his order, as we were buying lunch. So we hang back from the order window till we have his order, when this KFC employee comes up to the car window and ask if he can take our order. I tell we are not ready yet, as we are trying to reach my B.I.L to get his order, so the guy backs off. Now there is no cars behind us, so we are not holding up anyone. The guy then comes back and asks for our order, so I give him, my wife and my order because he won't yet give it at the window yet. After a few minutes a car pulls in behind us, so I decide to circle the drive thru to give them a chance, wich means I am now third in the que.

While waiting, my wife reaches her brother and gets his order. Now her comes a tricky bit for us. My wife has gotten pay but I haven't, so she has money, only it is in her bank and she doesn't have her card with her, wich means she must transfer some cash to my account, because I have my card, and this she can do on her mobile and its emediate. She then asks me how much cash I have and I tell her I only have R100 in cash and I know that is not enough for the meal. So get to the order window, and again place an order. I my wife for the difference and she says she didn't hear me say how much I had, so I ask her to transfer the rest to my card and I can pay that way, to which she says her phone is dead because of the battery. So I get a bit upset and drive out of the drive thru again to leave.

When we get out of the premises my wife manages to transfer the money somehow, and I get back in line. When I get to the window, I again place an order and then finally pay. I then drive up to the next window to collect my order. So I see the guy at the window is the shift manager, by his name tag, he then says, and I quote : ''I want to complain'' so I am shocked, here I am the customer, ney, PAYING customer who expects service and is backed by the new consumer protection act, and this guy wants to complain to me, about me. So he says something in the lines of..

''...We have now made your order three times and now is the first time you actually pay, and twice now you have just left'' so I say, '' you usually only place the order after we pay so I don't see the problem'' to wich he replys that they now have three of the same order. So I did the right thing and made right with them.

I said to him...'' sorry, it was a mistake''

You know what the worst of all was, when I asked for my order, he said I had to wait 5 minutes as it wasn't ready.

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