Wordzzle #232  

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What ever happened to Monroe? Well, he is back. And the adventure continues.
Let me not keep you...

10-word challenge:
wishing well, truck, chicken, coaster, flowering tree, bacteria, matches, colorful, port

And for the mini:
swirl, bear with me, stretcher, muffin, gratitude

..."bear with me Tony, it is a colorful tree that i am after, not necessarily a flowering tree".
As if I, haven't explained this at least a dozen times to the poor man.
" look carefully at the two images in front of you".
"What do you mean, you don't have the photos with you?"
"OK, run to your office, and collect them, and then call me back."
"Yes Tony, "
"because you cant call me back, if you don't put the phone down."
"OK, now go".

Why should it be so hard, getting the right, color-scape, wall paper in an office. Trees with different shades of green and orange and brown and red, is not remotely the same as a deep purple Bougain Villa, but it probably is my own fault. I did say i wanted to be reminded of the island life. It is a shame he was thinking of Hawaii.

I suppose you want to know why i am hanging Wall paper. and why I am not, say, chasing after the next sale, selling air conditioning to the Arctic, or fighting off ruthless rivals. Well after my island ordeal, I returned back to the office, and for a couple of weeks, all was fine. But then it started creeping back to me, the island was calling me, luring me back. It was as if some strange, native bacteria, off the island, had crept under my flesh, and the whole of me, body and mind, was reaching back there.

I took it upon myself to bring two palm trees into my cubicle, and I would sleep there, during the day, on a stretcher. Some mornings, someone would offer me a muffin or a bagel, then I would just shrug, and raise my machete and live chicken.

When I stopped being productive, and my colleagues started complaining about the smell, the Boss had no choice, but to call me in.

"Is everything OK, Monroe?" He asks with genuine concern. "I passed a wishing well on my way to work this morning, Sir". Being very careful, as one tends to be around the deranged, "yes Monroe? Did you make a wish?" "I stopped and peered into it, Sir. and then it chucked coins at me". "That is worrying, my dear Monroe," "The palm trees was laughing at me, Sir". I could tell, that caught him. "Right, Monroe, I have been worried lately, since your rescue from the Island, you haven't been yourself, and I think the company, Me really should express my gratitude towards you for everything you have done for us, and the lengths you have gone to." At that point, he had my attention, like a ship moored at port.

Can you believe it, I have been made VP of Executive Liaison, and yes, that post is as big a truck load of bovine excrement, as the delusional state I was in.

"VP of Execut... oh, Tony, so you have the images?"
"Right, and you can see, there is not really any flowers involved?"
"That is the ticket, son"
"So what do you think? the linear motion or the swirl effect?"
" I couldn't have said it better myself, now get it done."

Only one small issue to sort out, and i will be in Career bliss. I head up to Mr bean counter's office, and Walk in without knocking, my box of matches in hand. " So Kent, what is this I hear about the spending on my work place therapy?" I draw one match from the box, one handed and Kent's eyes doesn't move from it. "It is just to expensive, and any way, since your farce of a promotion, Monroe, you seem to be doing a lot better." I stare at him and say. " Are those wasps I hear? Only one way to get rid of them, you know." Still one handed, I strike the match and numbing fear lights up in Mr Kent's eyes. "That is Mr Monroe to you. or have you forgotten your place?" Kent reaches for his desktop fone, and dials for a line.
" Janette, please get a copy of the roof-top-roller-coaster-proposal down to consignment, with my approval on it."
"I know what I said, but this is what I am saying now."
"This is not the time, woman"
"You and my wife both say so, but you both come back for more."
"No, we will discuss it over drinks."

"Oh Kent, seems your in the double dog house tonight" I wink at him. "Any thing else Mon.. Mr Monroe?"
 " You learn fast Kent, now sit! beg! Just kidding, but I have your number, if anything comes up" I say, as I close the door, to the shutter of cheap porcelain on wood.

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